Saturday, October 15, 2011

Miscommunication on the Field

In a football game and in the corporate workplace there is a huge difference between teams that achieve great success and teams that become dismal failures. The answer is effective communication- teams that can openly share ideas, focus on the task, and communicate proactively should not be surprised by their achievements.
-Reed Markham

Could you imagine a quarterback throwing a pass but being sure that when he gave the play that his wide receiver was going to run straight down the field or say a fade route. The receiver is sure that he needs to run a slant towards the middle of the field.

Because of that miscommunication it looks like the QB just overthrew his target. But, the QB is not to blame for throwing a bad pass, it's the breakdown in the communication channel.

Same is true within a business setting, how many times have goals not been met simply because people within a team were not on the same page?

While obtaining my Undergraduate degree, our School's President David A. Bednar who was a Business Professor at Texas Tech and was the department chair of Business Grad School at the University of Arkansas, as well as being a business consultant gave 3 easy steps to avoid missing a team goal due to a break down in what exactly needs to be done by each participate.

Bednar explained that every leader needs to:

1. Outline Exactly What is Expected
2. Set Goals on How to Obtain What is Expected
3. Motivate to go Beyond What's Expected

By following these 3 easy steps we can see how misunderstandings on responsibilities can be greatly reduced which do affect the whole team.

It's simple, so simple, that it's easily over looked.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I Wanna Talk About Me...

With the encouragement from my Brother-in-Law, I've decided to make Blog Post concerning Business Communication.

Just some quick stats about me:
1)I grew up in a small town in Northeast Oklahoma.
2)After high school I served a 2-year mission for my church in Nicaragua... (So, I
had learned to speak Spanish)
3)After my mission I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelors of Science in Communication and minors in Sociology and Business Management
4)Right now I only have one more semester of Grad School at Idaho State in order to
receive my Masters of Arts in Organizational Communication.
5)Once I graduate from ISU I plan on teaching at a community college and prepare to obtain my PHD in Organizational Behavior once I become full time.

Basically, this blog is for my personal use to act as notes on things I've learned concerning Business Communication and even some cool ideas I might have on explaining the concepts. If anyone ever stumbles onto this blog I appreciate the visit, and would love the feedback.

Peace Out,